About Riegelsoft Productions

It is our mission to produce and publish quality software, music, and video content for everyone to enjoy while providing lessons and tutorials to enable anyone to dive into the realms of programming and multimedia design.

Founded back in late 2011, Riegelsoft Productions is a small independent production group. We focus our efforts on pushing out quality games, software, music, and video content. Once known as the Ultisoft, we have worked on many small projects ranging from mini-games to a Sonic the Hedgehog fangame. A bunch of them are lost, but we still have quite a few old projects that we are able to publish. We've consolidated with our friend's group, Crash Alliances, to bring forth their old projects and be able to work together and combine our skills.

The major projects that we've started as Riegelsoft Productions are Shooting Space: an arcade-inspired shoot-em-up, The Legend of Valoria, an action packed role-playing game, Color Power: a retro puzzle action game, the EX Fangame Series: a series of fangames based off of many video game franchises, and the Video Game Remixes series.

Executive Staff

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Frederick RiegelCo-founder, Web Designer, Concept Creator, Programmer
Steven RiegelCo-founder, Graphic Designer, Sound Designer, Concept Creator, Composer
Daniel RiegelGame Tester, Concept Advisor
Alexandre DoucetConcept Consult, Programmer, Leader of Crash Alliances
D.P. McGregorComposer, Concept Creator